The awesome and humble coconut has been helping humanity with ts hair needs for thousand, if not millions, of years. Now that scientists have started researching its chemical makeup and molecular properties, it is becoming clear why this amazing natural resource is such a powerhouse of healing and self-care.

How does that science of nature apply to hair loss?

The chemical and molecular structure of coconut oil gives it the ability to clean, nourish, protect and beautify hair. Each person’s head has about 100,00o hair follicles.  Every one of those follicles can grow about 20 strands of hair in a person’s lifetime.  To have truly healthy hair, the hair follicles must be healthy.  Hair follicles are the key to keeping from losing hair.  It is in the hair follicles that hair is connected with the blood and internal systems of the body.

Coconut Oil can nourish cells easily, with its Medium Chain Triglycerides or Medium Chain Fatty Acids, it can nourish the hair follicles where hair growth begins. Coconut oil can replace the natural oils that hair loses regularly and protect the hair from protein loss. It helps keep to a minimum that loss of protein during washing and helps each strand of hair stay strong.  It is closely associated with hair protein as the cells can permeate and pass through hair cells more readily than other oils or compounds.

There are many reports of coconut oil counteracting hair loss, and even promoting hair growth among people who were previously going bald.  Massaging it into the scalp, leaving it on for as long as possible before washing lets the coconut oil do its work best. Coconut oil for hair loss remedies should see a person applying coconut oil on a regular basis for best results. Coconut oil is safe and natural and won’t do any harm.  it is smooth and feels good to the touch, so try it out and see for yourself if coconut oil for hair care will help you keep your full head of hair.

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