This weight loss diet is simple, satisfying and sustainable. Your fat loss goals can be met quickly and permanently, and your overall health will improve as a side benefit. The key is to think the WHOLE. As in wholesome and whole grain. Latest studies show that whole foods – especially unrefined grains and other unprocessed good carbs – have the power to trigger effortless weight loss.

To benefit most, you should replace at least three daily servings of refined or processed bad carbs (such as white flour, white rice, white sugar etc.) with good carbs. Some examples of good carbs are fresh fruit, most veggies, sweet potatoes, beans, brown rice, whole-grain cereal and baked goods, as well as baked corn chips, falafel, hummus, low-fat chili and bean soup, rye bread, popcorn, wild rice, whole grain bread, fruit such as apples and pears, whole or stir-fried vegetables, and low fat granola.

Since both fibre and protein play a crucial role in curbing appetite, good carbs help you feel more satisfied as you cut calories (which is actually what you need to do in order to lose weight .) You will feel fuller sooner and it lasts longer. By refining carbs, food manufacturers remove hunger-fighting fibre and reduce protein content by up to 25%. Fibre and protein are known to slow the rate at which the body turns good carbs into blood sugar, which minimizes the blood sugar spikes that stimulate sudden urges to eat and even binge. Good carbs work biochemical magic, halting excess production of insulin, a hormone known to increase fat.

Considering all this, this weight loss diet is one the healthiest and easiest to try.

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