Today’s age is no doubt the age of people who want to remain fit and look healthy and beautiful. Gone are the days when people were not concerned about their physique and their only motive was to eat anything in order to survive. Now the trend is changing, people are more concerned about their looks. They eat after selecting the food that is more advantageous and without fats. But the question that often comes into the mind of most people is that is a controlled diet only enough in order to ensure you have a fit and healthy body? The answer to this question is surely NO! Though it is a fact that food plays a very important role in the process of losing weight alongside that there are several other important things as well that one should also take care of.

Amongst several things, one most important things are exercising. Exercise helps a lot in losing weight. The importance of exercise can be felt from the fact that it is given a special place in the weight reduction program. Exercise is known to help a lot in order to burn a good amount of calories from the human body. With burning calories, it is obviously very easy to lose weight if you have a restricted diet also as the person is taking fewer calories and at the same time; he is burning some of them away. This way it is possible for such people to lose weight in less time.

There are several people who are in a fix thinking about whether is it really exercises that help in weight loss or if there are several other factors. If we take the case of Michael Phelps, the great swimmer, then we can say yes his case exercise helps a lot in burning calories. It’s said that he eats 10,000 calories per day and burns around 1,000 per hour at the time of his training. In addition because of his metabolic rate that is very fast, he burns more calories while sitting only compared to the calories that are burnt by an unhealthy person whilst walking.

Thus at least from his case, it is clear that exercises do help a lot in losing weight, probably more than any other thing. There are many people who eat food keeping in mind their purpose i.e. to lose weight. They eat quite a smaller amount of food in order to lose weight. If they start doing more exercise, then it can help them get better results because their rate of metabolism starts to increase and so the person gets better results. Thus with that, it is clear that one can even enjoy more food and still lose weight by simply doing exercises. The benefits of exercises are not just limited to weight loss, but as a bonus one gets a well-shaped body that is an asset for your entire life. It also helps in toning the muscles and making the heart of the person healthier.

So start doing exercise from today onwards and give a new shape to your body and life!

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