For couples who are married, have sex should indeed done twice a day. The longer  sperm retained in the reproductive tract will increase the possibility become damaged and lose quality. Doctors from Soroka University and Ben-Gurion University in 7200 tested sperm samples to determine the sperm volume, sperm concentration and shape, as well as the percentage and total number of active sperm.

Samples of about 6,000 men are real researched to determine the level of fertility of men who refrained from sex for two weeks. More than 4,500 samples had normal sperm counts, while the rest are categorized as bad starting of step mild, a medium to severe. The researchers found that when the volume of semen increased because 11 to 14 days did not have sex, sperm shape is gradually getting worse.

Samples from men with poor sperm counts started to decrease quality second day onwards, reaching a low point after the sixth day and getting worse. “The volume of sperm was significantly correlated with duration of not having sex, whereas sperm motility was inversely associated with sex in a long time not poor sperm samples alone,” said Dr. Eliahu Levitas of the annual meeting of the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology in Madrid.

Dr. Levitas is a senior physician in the department of fertility and IVF unit of SorokaUniversity Medical Center. He said that most fertility clinics followed the guidelines of the World Health Organization (WHO) which recommends abstinence for two to seven days before undergoing fertility treatment.

“Our data challenge this prohibition in care of male infertility. What we found is not so relevant recommendations. In IVF treatment in which only one sperm is injectedinto the egg, we should try to get the best quality sperm. For these patients, we recommend sex abstinence ideally no more than two days, ”said Dr. Levitas. Dr. Levitas said that there is no firm agreement among researchers why sperm can be damaged and less feasible. Might be due to oxidative DNA damage, such assmoking or other destructive substances.

Or may be sperm from men who have bad sperm are more vulnerable to damagingsubstances, so it would be great if sperm spend a short time in the reproductivetract.

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